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Badminton Association of India kicks off maiden Coach Development Programme

Badminton   |   April 21, 2020



The body responsible for the Badminton in India- BAI has made a collaboration with the SAI [ Sports Authority of india] to begin an online coach development program on Monday, which will be led by the Chief National coach Pullela Gopichand.

This Online Programme will be holding five days a week for three weeks, and the whole course has been broken down into 39 topics, which will give a massive opportunity to coaches at different levels to brainstorm and learn from more experienced coaches.

The first session began yesterday (Monday) as Gopichand, and some foreign coaches dictated proceedings which saw a vast response from over 800 participants from all over the country.

The turnaround impressed Gopichand a lot as he said the program was an excellent platform where the experience of the foreign coaches will assist in sharpening the skills of our coaches at various levels around the country.

“This brilliant idea which shows the depth of coaching and primary perspectives is something no one thought will be possible during this lockdown.”

The lessons for the first day Basic Online program was centered on Badminton discipline and ways to develop core technical skills for beginners.

One of the foreign coach Santoso who is an Indonesia and part of the tutors said it is very vital to go to bed on time as it enables better flow of oxygen in the blood which afterward help the body to regain activeness and energy to assist in brilliant performance required from such a player. “Practicing this together with a nutritional breakfast is a vital elemental composition for a disciplined athlete.”

The Program will stretch till the 8th of May with further trainings by physiotherapist on footwork, single stroke, double strokes, different types of multi shuttle drills and steps on preparation for a game.



Written by: Olumide Akinnifesi

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