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Ponnappa: ” Database creation of previous performances to help me prepare for the Olympic”

Ashwini Ponnappa

Badminton   |   April 17, 2020



Indian doubles specialists Ashwini Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy admitted the postponement of the Olympics due to the COVID-19 had bought them some time to think and act on their past performances as they are making the best use of it by making a database to display the analysis of their last performances while anticipation for another slot at the Olympics qualifications.

The Pandemic outbreak disease has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people with close to two million people infected across the globe, which has brought about a halt in sporting activities following the lockdown approach imposed by all countries.

The pair of brilliant shuttlers endured a disappointing campaign last year, and this crucial time has allowed them to dwell on their past performances.

Ashwini, who had represented India at the edition of the London and Rio Olympics, told reporters that they have no one to make in-depth analysis for them. ” I think we have a lot of time to prepare, and I have started to analyze some of our past performances, and this has made us able to jot down grey areas where I need improvements. I began by watching some of my matches before watching other players on tour”.

“The way you watch and analyze is a bit different from what is on the paper.  I am working to build a database, and my brother is willing to help me out on that as he had once made an app for me.” She added.

Following the cancellation of all tournaments by the Badminton World Federation, due to the pandemic, the pair have no idea of what’s in store for them.

Sikki revealed that she no idea what the BWF has in place as regards qualification as they have just a year left for the Tokyo Olympics, saying they still have to hold on.



Written by: Olumide Akinnifesi

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