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PV Sindhu: Ex-Indian Players, can setup up the coaching ladder to contain scarcity of Foreign coaches

Badminton   |   May 6, 2020



India star shutter and world champion PV Sindhu said she believes foreign coaches will be hard to hire if the pandemic comes to an end, which will also open doors for ex- Indian internationals to grab the chance with both hands to prove that they can do better.

Sindhu revealed on Monday via a webinar session that if for any reason the global pandemic persists, employing coaches from overseas might become a little tight.

” We have a lot of good players in our country who have played at the highest stage internationally, and they can bring their experience to coach us ”

Sindhu, while addressing the newly appointed Assistant Directors of the Sports Authority, she dwelled on the continuous fact of the importance of coaches, parents, and administrators to work as a unit in breeding champions.

She added that administrators must have an in-depth knowledge of every athlete. ” the future of Indian sports stays in the hands of these young sports administrators.”

“We must pay a visit to all the SAI regional centers and be informed of the player’s performances and likewise keep in constant touch with their parents as they will also need feedbacks for proper monitoring.”

The Hyderabad born added that the players must be accessed and tracked to avoid age fraud. ” we must make sure they are of the standard age, physically,  and mentally fit to understand the game.



Written by: Olumide Akinnifesi