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Introduction to basketball betting: Learn different bet types

intro to basketball betting

Basketball Betting Tips   |   July 27, 2020


We will discuss Basketball betting and we will also learn what are the different types of bet types in the game in this article. So if you are a novice in Basketball betting, it would be perfect for you to go through this article as it will help you understand about different types of betting in Basketball.

Types of betting in Basketball

Points Spread – Points Spread is kind of handicap betting. An underdog team is given an advantage by the bookmaker before the match. The larger the difference between the two sides, the larger can be the points spread. Handicaps may differ at different betting sites and you may want to select the best one.

Game Total – This is an under/over betting. You need to predict whether the final score will be under or over the one which is set by the bookmaker on the betting website. Suppose the final total score of both the teams is 180, you need to predict whether it would be under or over 180 as the final outcome.

Teams to score first basket – This bet is decided in the first few seconds of the match as the name suggests. One can back a strong team or the one which has tally players, who have good jumping skills, as they can gain possession in the early stages of the match. However, it doesn’t mean that the team which gets the first possession of the ball will score first.

Money line betting – In this bet, you have to predict which team is going to win the match without worrying about how much a team wins or losses. You must consider the recent form and strength and weakness of both teams before taking your final call. It is the least popular betting in Basketball.

Parlay betting: In Parlay betting, the wager selects two or more teams and all the chosen teams must win for you to get a payout. The more teams you add to the parlay, the more you can win if your bet wins. If you are confident in the outcome of multiple games, parlay betting can help you win big rather than the individual betting.

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