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Devin Booker reveals strategy behind game winner against LA Clippers

devin brooker

Basketball   |   August 5, 2020


The Phoenix Suns, who are placed at the 12th place, were able to stun the second placed LA Clippers, courtesy Devin Booker. In the dying seconds of the match, Devin Booker scored the game winner over Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to help his team win 117-115. Booker was in fine form during the match and he was star performer for Phoenix Suns as he scored 35 points and also took eight assists.


After the game, Booker talked about his game winner in which he was able to flummox Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Booker had 10 ten seconds to take the final shot and he wanted to get on the offensive as soon as he received the ball.


Booker said post game, “After we got the steal and the ball with 10 seconds to go, I just wanted to make sure I took the last shot, giving them no time on the other end. I knew the double team was coming, so I attacked the opposite way. There’s a lot of length with Kawhi (Leonard). So pump-faked, got him in the air, and (took the) fade away shot.”


Booker was at his best in the match as he went 13/25. During the performance, Booker was able to convert six shots from the nine attempts from the deep. 


Meanwhile, the Suns came into the season resumption inside the bubble with almost no chance to make it to the playoffs. However, they have won all their three matches since the restart of the season and thus they have given themselves an outside chance. 


Phoenix Suns first win came against the beleaguered Washington Wizards and Devin Booker was once again the star of the show as he scored 27 points. However, Wizards were without the services of Bradley Bear.


In their next match, they were able to defeat the Dallas Mavericks by a narrow two-point margin. 


Booker also added that the team wanted to work hard in silence and let their performances on the court make all the necessary noise. 


He said, “Coming into the bubble we said we want to make some noise. We want to be the under the radar team. That works hard and plays hard. That’s what we did tonight.”


The Phoenix Suns will next face the Indiana Pacers on Friday.

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