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LeBron James is clearly the best point guard in the league – Paul Pierce

LeBron James

Basketball   |   December 21, 2020



LA Lakers legend LeBron James is one of the best players in the league. James is known to excel in every position he plays in the NBA and he is a complete all-rounder for the team both offensively as well as defensively. The 35-year old was instrumental in the success of the Lakers and took them to glory in the last season.

James led the season in assists as he scored 10.2 assists per game in the NBA 2019-20 regular season. The legend also scored 25.3 points in the regular season. Akron Hammer took his game to another level in the postseason as he scored 27.6 points in the 21 games he played.

James’ former rival Pierce Paul heaped praise on the legend and rated him as one of the best point guards in the league.

“Usually I would say Luka Doncic, but if LeBron’s the player and he plays point guard, I see that the best point guard in the league. He led the league in assists. I forgot LeBron just wants to be a point guard by the way, and he is clearly the best point guard in the league,” Paul expressed while talking to ESPN in an interview.

As per a latest survey, Stephen Curry (30%), Damian Lillard (22%), Luka Doncic (19%), Chris Paul (15%), and LeBron James (11%), are the top point guards currently in the NBA.

James also knows how to get the best out of his teammates and his vast experience helps him in delivering the goods for the team.

Pierce added that while Curry, Lillard, Doncic and Paul are one of the best in the business as point guards, there is no doubt that James is right up there with the best if he plays as a point guard.

“This is like the year when Bill Russell won MVP and wasn’t even on the first team of All-NBA,” he joked. “This is just like boxing, when you don’t fight for years, you get stripped of your title. You got to go back and fight for it again. This is the same difference. Now we know how amazing Steph Curry is, Dame Lillard, but you got to reclaim that. Dame Lillard has phenomenal games but if LeBron is a point guard, he has to be the best,” concluded Paul Pierce. 

Meanwhile, LeBron James would aim to be at the top of his game to take the Lakers to another title. James is known to give his 120% everytime he turns on the court and he would look to give his best.

The NBA 2020:21 season will begin from December 22.


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