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NBA 2020:21: Brad Stevens provides a major update on Kemba Walker’s injury

Basketball   |   November 26, 2020



Boston Celtics had a decent previous season as they made their way into the Eastern Conference finals. However, their season ended when they lost to Miami Heat by 4-2 in the conference finals. Meanwhile, it is known that Celtics revolve around major players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Furthermore, they depend mostly on the shoulders of their talisman Kemba Walker, who has done a fine job for his team. The Celtics had acquired the point guard from the Charlotte Hornets in the 2019 offseason with a four-year maximum contract worth $141 million. The team showed faith in Walker’s ability by offering him the franchise’s biggest contract.

However, since the All-star NBA game, Walker has been troubled by his knee injury. The linchpin didn’t play after suffering the injury and he was one of the missing pieces for the Boston Celtics. Walker has been recuperating from his knee injury and there is no doubt that he will play an instrumental role in the team’s success in the next season.

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens provided a major update on Walker’s injury as he stated that the point guard is on the right track to recovery.

Stevens said on the Ryan and Godman podcast, “He’s working exceptionally hard… The key to this whole thing with him is just to strengthen the knee. And continuing to take this opportunity when we’re not playing, when we’re not practicing, to really focus on that, very similar to what we did at the beginning of the bubble. I think that there will be a transition like that because of the shortened season… It’ll be some time before he’s going full speed for us for sure.”

When asked when Walker could make a comeback, Stevens revealed that they haven’t thought of any timeline regarding Walker’s return.

“We haven’t settled on any timelines. This is more of a plan appropriately for things so that he can play and play uninhibited as he moves forward a lot like the bubble again. The bubble was unique because you went basically four months off. There was a different challenge there, and that ramping up was a big threat to everybody. But certainly, if he had a situation where he goes too fast too soon, that probably wouldn’t have been good. Here, you’re just too soon to [start] the season.” 

The next NBA season will begin from December 22.



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