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Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers sheds light on coaching son-in-law Seth Curry

Basketball   |   November 24, 2020



Philadelphia 76ers had a disappointing previous season as they were knocked out in the first conference round of the playoff stages by Boston Celtics by 4-0 and thus they will be determined to turn the tables in the upcoming season. Philly took the first step towards their resurrection when they roped in former LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers is regarded as one of the best Basketball coaches and he will look to get the best out of his players at Philadelphia. In fact, Rivers has the experience of coaching his son and now he will be coaching his son-in-law Seth Curry.

Philadelphia has been quite busy during the off-season and acquired Seth Curry via the trade. Curry has made a name for himself for his shooting skills and he will look to deliver his best while playing for his new team.

Doc Rivers revealed that the plan was to create as many as shooting opportunities and now they have got the players who can deliver the goods for them.

Rivers said in a recent interview, “I’ve coached my son, now I get to coach my son-in-law… One of the things we wanted to do – Elton [Brand], Daryl [Morey], and I – when we got here was to create as much shooting as possible around Ben [Simmons] and Joel [Embiid]. This was a no-brainer.” 

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid will hold the key for the team and it is crucial for the other players to support them. 76ers were not able to do that consistently in the previous season and they will look to learn from those mistakes.

Rivers added that they have added strength to their squad and they will be a better unit in the upcoming season.

“Seth is a good kid – a great kid – with a great basketball IQ and he loves the game, so I’m looking forward to all of it… I think we’ve improved our basketball team, improved our basketball IQ, and increased our shooting, which is the one thing they said we didn’t have. Now we do.”

The forthcoming NBA season will kick off from December 22.

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