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There is no gap between the two – Kendrick Perkins on LeBron James vs Michael Jordan debate

Basketball   |   September 30, 2020



The LA Lakers’ star LeBron James is one of the best players in the NBA league. The King has made it to his 10th NBA final and he would be looking to clinch his fourth NBA ring when he will take on his former team Miami Heat in the final of the league.

James has been in prolific form and he is going to hold the key for the LA Lakers. Meanwhile, we have often seen that the big players of different generations are compared with each other.

Michael Jordan is regarded as one of the best players, who has embraced the game. Jordan had great skills and he was mostly on a different level altogether during his halcyon days.

MJ savoured great success in his illustrious career and achieved almost everything in the book. Similarly, LeBron James has also ticked the right boxes in his glorious career of 17 years and counting. James is currently 35 and he has shown that age is just a number after his impressive performance in this season.

Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins feels James is on par with Michael Jordan. Many feel MJ is class apart and he can not be compared with anyone but Perkins added that all those people are haters.

Perkins said at ESPN first take, “Y’all some haters! Because If I go argue with my grandfather and some of his friends about the best they saw, It used to be Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell. Jordan was never in the conversation. So move down 10 years later, now I am talking to you Stephen A and Max, now all of a sudden it’s Jordan.

“So ya’ll will never give the props to the younger generation…You’ll be haters! Michael Jordan and LeBron James are sitting at the same dinner table…there’s no gap! Both of these guys, you can close your eyes and say just pick one. Their resume is equal, it matches up.”

Meanwhile, James will be focussed on taking the LA Lakers to glory after going past Miami Heat. And if James can take the team to the NBA crown, he will definitely get close to the league of Michael Jordan.

The first game of the series between the Lakers and Heat will be played on Thursday.


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