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COVID-19: I can’t take this anymore’, Yuzvendra Chahal want to play cricket again

COVID-19 I can't take this anymore', Yuzvendra Chahal want to play cricket again

Cricket   |   April 12, 2020


Yuzvendra Chahal has expressed hopes that the lockdown in India will end very soon as he already tired of staying at home.

Recall that the Indian authorities had issued a 21-day lockdown order, which expires on April 14, a day before the rescheduled IPL. But indications have shown that the curfew might be extended.

The Indian leg-spinner is just asking for an opportunity for the lockdown to be lifted for a day, at least because he is planning to run to a hotel and not come back till normalcy returns.

Other athletes have been indoors spending quality time with their families. They have also been urging people to adhere to the order in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus. Over 103,000 people have been killed globally, with over 1,300,000 people infected.

Chahal is bored and tired of the situation has been on social media on many occasions where he uploaded his tik-tok videos with his families, did Instagram live chats with his teammates. The bowler had during the process gatecrashed live videos of other cricketers.

Expressing his frustration over the situation while speaking with television presenter Jatin Sapru, the cricketer said that once it is lifted for few hours, he won’t come home as he can’t take it anymore. According to him, staying home could be the case in the next three years now.

Revealing his plan if the lockdown is lifted, Chahal said he would move to a nearby hotel. Although he admitted his frustration is due to lack of cricket action, he noted that the players didn’t initially get enough rest from the game due to a packed schedule involving matches and series.

Chahal, who said he is getting frustrated due to lack of bowling, said he is really missing the game, having complained earlier of a lot of cricket games before the lockdown.

While noting that all his life is about the game, the spinner said he would be fine when he goes to the ground, which he is missing at the moment. He has therefore promised that he would definitely go to the ground and bowl once the curfew is lifted.

The pandemic has had a significant effect on the cricket calendar as activities have been halted throughout the world.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed