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cricket betting tips

Online Cricket Betting Tips   |   May 22, 2020


As you may know, Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Before you place your wager, it’s important to understand some rules about the sport. One of the most important tips we can give you is: do your research and read about cricket betting. This will improve your chances of placing a winning bet and also help you boost your confidence as a bettor. 

Cricket formats

Basically, you have three formats to choose from: T20, One Day and Test Cricket. It all depends on your time to bet.

T20 Cricket:

This format was popularised in the 2000’s and it’s a game played in one afternoon or evening with 20 overs for each team. If you are looking for a quick betting game, this one is for you.

One Day Cricket:

Here’s another format you can take some time with. Popularised in the 1970’s, the One Day Cricket changed a lot of things in the sport. It’s a game played in one day, with 50 overs for each team.

Test Cricket:

Played over 5 days, this is the oldest form of cricket and it has the potential for either team to win or for the match to finish in a draw.

Study the game

Before any bet is placed, make sure you study all you can find about each of the cricket players who will be playing the match you’re interested in. This way you will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Also, this strategy enables you to predict their influence on the outcome of the game and ultimately your chances of winning a bet.

Read the news

There’s always news about the teams and matches that are about to come. Keep your attention on the match variables, check what specialists are saying about the game and if there are any player injuries that could change the scenario.


Check the weather forecast and the players that will be in the field. The weather conditions are important for the sport, as it can affect the way a game is played. For example: a cloudy and windy day would help the ball swing both ways, while rainy weather could wet the ground and make it difficult to score runs, and that means both teams may have to play an additional super over to decide the winner.

Place your bids wisely

Statistics are the most important aspect to look at before you place your cricket bets. Cricket betting is basically a sport of strategy, where you have to get the numbers and stay ahead of other bettors. Make sure you explore the current and past statistics of teams involved in your cricket bets and place your bids wisely.

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