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Free cricket betting tips for newbies

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Online Cricket Betting Tips   |   June 29, 2020


If you are a rookie in the betting field, we have some useful free cricket betting tips for you. It is not a cakewalk to hit the ground running in the betting area if you don’t have a lot of experience. We have come up with cricket betting tips, which can help you in getting started.

Understanding different forms of cricket:

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand in which format of the game you are placing your bet. Cricket is divided into three three formats, Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

Test – Three results are possible in the oldest format of the game. If the match is contested between two equally strong sides, there are good chances that it might end in a draw. The playing conditions always play a key role in the outcome of a Test match. Generally, a home side which is placed higher than fifth rank, has a good chance of winning at home.

ODI and T20I – Each side gets to play 50 overs in a One Day International whereas 20 overs in a T20I. The chasing team has to score only one run more than the opposition to win and hence chances of a draw or a tie are very slim.


It is imperative that you do your homework before you jump in the betting field. There are a lot of terms you might not be familiar with if you haven’t bet ever and you need to understand how the bookmakers set the odds and how odds work.

So you should take into account the current stats, form of the team or a player on whom you are betting, where the match is being played and all the other factors before you start placing your bets.

Find out which batsman or bowler has a higher chance of scoring or taking wickets respectively. Try to find their previous record against the team they are playing, their record at that particular ground, are they playing at home or away, what are the conditions – are they conducive for the batsman, fast bowlers or spinners? For example – England conditions support swing bowlers whereas the subcontinent pitches are a paradise for spinners.

Bet on the player who is in form and thus has a higher chance of succeeding in a match. Consider whether he is playing at home or away, which will have an impact on his performance.

If you are betting on a particular team, take into consideration the previous head to head contests and where the match is taking place. Go for the team which has more impact players in their side, who can be the difference between winning and losing.

It is crucial that you must make a strategy before you place your bets. Find the player’s strengths and weaknesses and back yourself. Try to observe which players are able to perform under pressure and which are not able to do it.

If you are a rookie in the betting field, we have some useful free cricket betting tips for you.

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