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The most popular Cricket bets

The most popular Cricket bets

Online Cricket Betting Tips   |   May 22, 2020


Once you’re registered and have read all of our Cricket betting tips, you’re ready to start betting. Now it’s time to know some more details about the cricket markets you can bet on. See some of the most popular bets you can start off.

To Win the Match

This is the most straightforward bet in sports, but before you place your bet check all the options since cricket rules can be a little more complicated. For example: there is always the possibility of a draw in test matches or the chance of a tie in one day games. However, the general rule is that if you bet on the team that comes out of the match as a winner, as determined by official competition rules, you are a winner as well.

Top player of the team betting

If you choose to bet on the best team’s player, you should know there are a couple of players worth considering – like the batsman or bowler of the team. Make sure you look at these players’ strike rates, batting, or bowling averages and compare them with their respective opposites based on past performances.

Top Team Batsman

This market is to bet on the batsman who will score the most runs during the match for one of the teams. In this case, both teams’ players are taken into consideration. You can search for news and advisors to know who are the safest bets.

If there are two top batsmen with identical number of runs at the end of the match your initially expected winnings are divided by two – basically a bet for half of your original stake.

1st Over Total Runs

This bet is about the total number of runs scored in the 1st over. You have two options: to predict that the total number of runs in the first over will be Under or Over the specified number by the betting provider.

Most Match Sixes

You can choose which of the teams will hit the most sixes. As a variation to this market you can also choose which batsman will score the highest number of sixes.

 Man of the Match

At the end of each match the best performer is chosen and is awarded as the Man of the Match. This is usually a player from the winning team, but there are some cases of players from the losing team who put in top notch performances and are given the award.

Feeling ready to start? Check our Cricket betting tips and start placing your bets!

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