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Cricket betting prediction: What to look for when predicting match outcomes

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Cricket Match Predictions   |   June 29, 2020


It is crucial for bettors to get their cricket betting prediction right if they are betting on the outcome of the match. The bettors should try to keep in different parameters in mind which play an instrumental role in the final outcome of the match.

There are many aspects that one should consider before placing the bets. For predicting match outcomes, we take a look at different parameters:

Conditions and Weather – Conditions play a major role in the outcome of the matches. Naturally, the home players are more accilimatised to play in their own conditions as they played majority of their matches at home and thus they have more chances of success, especially in the Test format.

Furthermore, make sure you check a team’s record at the ground where the match is taking place. You should also take into account the head to head battle between the two sides.

As players have started to play different T20 leagues in different nations and thus know the alienate conditions, the condition factor might not be a big one for limited-over matches. Thus, pay more importance to conditions if you are betting for Test matches.

Weather can also play a big role. Suppose there are cloudy conditions in England, it will help the swing bowlers whereas if a day-night match (One Day) is played in India, dew factor will come into play. So make sure you check weather for the match.

Form – Form of the particular team can help in gauging the final result of the match. A lot of ODI and T20I are won by a team when they have the impetus on their side. A team can be having a fine run and it would make sense to put your money on them.

The team which has more impact players and who can handle the pressure of the crunch situation, has a higher chance of winning. So check the current stats of the big players of both teams. You can also check the ranking of the two teams to have an idea about them.

Make sure you know the team’s strengths and weaknesses and then you place your bets.

For example, If you want to bid for the upcoming Test match between England and the West Indies, you would want to put your weight behind England. England will be the host and it is Test match format. The hosts have more experienced players and they would be playing in their own conditions.

Last time when West Indies had toured England in 2017, the hosts had beaten the visitors by 2-1. England is placed at fourth in the ICC Test rankings whereas West Indies are ranked eighth in the rankings. Ergo, all the factors point that one must go with England.

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