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Fast bowlers will need to be more careful than others – Irfan Pathan

Cricket   |   July 20, 2020



Former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan reckons that the fast bowlers will need to be more careful than batsmen and spinners because of their workload. It is never easy to make a comeback after a long time and Pathan expects the fast bowlers to take at least four to six weeks to be match ready.

There is a lot of load for a fast bowler as he has to run in for every ball. Fitness is the heartbeat for a pacer and it is never easy to hit the ground running after a long hiatus. In fact, it is noticed in the ongoing second Test match between England and the West Indies.

West Indies retained the same bowling battery of the first Test and they looked a bit off-colour. On the other hand, England is playing a fuelled up pace battery in the second Test match.

Pathan feels injury management will be the key and it is not easy for fast bowlers who are consistently bowling at 140-145 kmph. The former Baroda all-rounder added that it would take four to six weeks for the fast bowlers to find their impetus and they need to be cautious in their approach in the training session.

The bowlers need to take one step at a time and don’t push themselves to the limits especially in the beginning. The body is expected to take some time before finding the groove.

Irfan Pathan said while talking to Star Sports Cricket connected, “It’s a tough job and if you are bowling 140-150 kmph, running about 25 yards to bowl one ball at a time and then keep bowling for a few overs.

“Your body gets stiff, injury management will be key as well because I think for any fast bowler to get back into the rhythm, it takes at least 4-6 weeks, so I think fast bowlers will have to be a little more careful than the spinners or the batsmen.”

Earlier, Irfan Pathan had stated that the fast bowlers should forget about reverse swing as no saliva is allowed on the ball during the Covid-19 era.

Pathan had added that since saliva is thicker, it helps in reverse swing more than the sweat. There was hardly any reverse swing in the first Test match between England and the West Indies and the bowlers had to toil hard for their wickets.

There is no doubt that the bowlers will need to find other plans in getting the best out of the batsmen since they can not use saliva on the ball till the pandemic is over.



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