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Nobody came close to batting perfection like Sachin Tendulkar had – Sunil Gavaskar


Cricket   |   August 28, 2020


Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has seen many batsmen in action right from his playing days to his commentary days. Gavaskar has seen some of the best batsmen in the game in action but he feels that no batter came close to the batting perfection like former Indian legendary batsman, Sachin Tendulkar.


There was hardly any chink in Sachin Tendulkar’s armour and thus it was difficult for the opposition bowlers to dismiss him. Sachin had a perfect technique and dominated the world-class bowlers at their peak. The right-hander was able to score his runs in all kinds of conditions and got the positive results for the team.


Sachin mostly came up with his best and he is regarded as one of the best batsmen of the game. The right-hander was always a consistent performer for the Indian team and had an illustrious career of 24 years.


Sachin went on to break and set up new batting records as he played at the top of his game. The right-hander holds the record of 100 centuries in his International career and has scored maximum runs in the ODI and Test format.


Thus, Sachin was able to set the batting benchmark higher for the future generation to follow.


“As far as I am concerned, the closest thing to batting perfection… Sachin Tendulkar. I’ve never seen a batsman (like him) and I’ve seen many from the time I was growing up, from the time I played and now from the time I’ve been watching cricket, I’ve seen many terrific batsmen but nobody had came close to batting perfection like Sachin Tendulkar has,” Gavaskar told India Today.


The Master Blaster was a treat to the eyes when he got going as he scored runs with his flamboyant strokeplay. Sachin had a perfect straight drive and his batting was poetry in motion when he played those back foot punches and other stylish shots. Sachin’s head and balance were perfect when he played his shots.


“The backlift, the head, the balance, everything, the way he would lean forward, the balance when he’d play off the front foot, the balance when he would play off the backfoot, on the off side, on the leg side… And later on when the T20 came in, playing the scoop shot, he pulled it off fantastically. He had everything,” Gavaskar added.


Sachin Tendulkar went on to score 15921 runs in 200 Test matches at an average of 53.79. The right-hander amassed 18426 runs in 463 ODI matches at an impressive average of 44.83. Hence, Sachin is regarded as the best ever by a lot of cricket boffins.


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