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Ravichandran Ashwin maintains his stance on Mankad dismissals after Ponting’s comments

Ravichandran Ashwin

Cricket   |   August 24, 2020


India’s veteran off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has maintained his stand on ‘Mankad’ dismissals after Ricky Ponting’s recent comments. Ashwin has called to make it a free ball for the bowlers whenever the non-striker’s batsman is backing too far. The off-spinner also added that five runs should be subtracted from the batting team’s total if the batsman gets out on that particular ball.


Interestingly, Ashwin’s comments come days after Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting’s stand against the ‘Mankads’ dismissals. Ponting feels that the dismissal is against the spirit of the game and he stated that he would have a chat with Ashwin regarding the same


Ashwin had ‘mankaded’ Rajasthan Royals wicket-keeper batsman Jos Buttler in IPL 2019. Subsequently, the off-spinner was criticized for the same as the cricket pundits around the world thinks that the dismissal is against the spirit of the game. However, the dismissal is within the laws of the game and thus how it can be against the spirit of the game.


Ponting had stated that he had a chat with all the players at Delhi Capitals and had made it clear there would be no ‘mankading’ as long as he is the head coach of the franchise.


Ashwin took to Twitter and wrote a reply to Dinesh Karthik’s post. Ashwin stated that everyone watches the game to see a bowler get clobber but there should be an even contest between bat and ball. Free hits are awarded to the batsman whenever the bowler steps out of the crease and Ashwin feels there should be a free ball for the bowlers too.



The post read as, “Make it a free ball for the bowler. If the batsman gets out of that ball, the batting team will be docked 5 runs. Free hit adds to the drama for a batter, let’s give a chance to the bowlers too. As of now everyone watches the game hoping that ‘the bowlers will get smacked today’”


Mankading has always been a controversial dismissal and different cricket boffins have polarising opinions on the same. It should be an even game for both the batsman and the bowlers and the batter should be punished if he is trying to gain extra advantage before the ball is delivered. That extra couple of yards can help the batsman in completing a quick single or getting back for two runs.


Meanwhile, it would be interesting to note Ashwin’s discussion with Ricky Ponting. Both of them have different opinions and time will tell if Ashwin will agree with Ponting or not.


The IPL will begin in the UAE from September 19.

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