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Vijender Singh claims 12th successive after defeating Charles Adamu


Boxing   |   November 27, 2019


Indian boxing star Vijender Singh defeated ex Ghana former champion Charles Adamu as he claims his 12th successive win to ensure that his unbeaten streak, which has been running for four years, in professional boxing remains intact on Friday.

The 34-year old boxer who has previously won the Olympic Bronze medal and also the WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental super middleweight belts victorious in an unusual verdict during the eight-round bout against the 42-year old Adamu. Became Vinjender’s right hand was fast, precise, and powerful to handle for Adamu. His opponent [Adamu] looks intimidated and demoralized as he was unable to guard Singh’s fist losing his balance more than twice.

Singh, when quizzed about his victory over his opponent said; “it was a fight which lived up to its expectation, everyone knows Charles Adamu is a good fighter, but I was determined and fully prepared to evaluate the way and manner his punches will be coming, and my punches perfectly landed on him. I am having a wonderful moment here in Dubai and most especially to get this much-needed win.’’. Many believed the fight should have ended in three-four rounds, but it went into late rounds, but it seems he was happy with his performance.

Adamu, on the other hand, also had some points deducted for bending excessively. He has to be given some credit, though, for dragging the bout that long. He came into the fight with 47 matches fought so far, out of which he had won 33 [26 knockouts]. He is a beautiful Olympian, with a bronze medal to his name back in his amateur days in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. But his wealth of experience failed him.

However, Vijender, who has been promoted by Hall of Famer Bob Arum’s top rank promotions in the USA and IOS Boxing in India, is looking forward to winning a world title next year.


Written by: Olumide Akinnifesi

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