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Lucky Isabella and Awesome shine during exercise

Horse Racing   |   February 7, 2020


Lucky Isabella was impressive on Thursday when the horses were exercised.

In the 600 meter race,  Adela came out on top in the hand of jockey Rajesh B while Lucky Isabella was impressive in the hand of Nazrul.  Whizz Kid (rb) and Dynamical (Chetan G) finished level.

In the 1000 meter race, Treasure Delight (Suraj) also strode out well while Piper Regina (Irvan) shaped well.

Osibisa (Shobhan) worked well in the 1200 meter race with Snow Queen (P. Mani) Osibisa came first ahead with three lengths while Polar Express (Shobhan)also moved well.

In the 1400 meter race, Sky Moon (Jagadeesh) was also impressive while Sizzler (Ashok) and  Formidable Star (Chetan G) took a level jump and finished together. Others in practice were Anne’s Song (Irvan), who was slowly out, Johnny Bravo (Nazrul), Sir Jersey (Antony), and Ironic Humour (B. Harish).

Awesome One also shone when the horses were exercised in the morning.

During the 800 meter race, Corporate Jungle/Supernova (Kaviraj) didn’t experience any difficulty while Smokin’ Hot (Zervan) and King Cyrus (Kharadi) had an easy pairing.

During another practice, Thea’s Castle (Kaviraj) finished six lengths ahead of others while Arabian Storm (Aniket) and Former Dowsabel (Merchant) also had easy movement while  Sasakwa (Kharadi) was two lengths better than Parisian (Neeraj).

In another practice, Thea’s Pet (Kaviraj) also impressed while Revelator (C.S. Jodha) and Athulya (V. Jodha) moved level freely alongside Star Councillir (A. Prakash). Memorable Memories (Sandesh) easily finished four lengths ahead of Romanesque (Pereira).

During the 1000 meters race, Titanium (C.S. Jodha) and Divija (V. Jodha) moved freely as  Stick To The Plan (V. Jodha) easily and finished four lengths ahead of Galloping Goldmine (C.S. Jodha.

In another practice, Kilkarry Bridge (V.Jodha) and Zaeim (C.S.Jodha) moved neck and neck freely while Arcadia (Neeraj) started four lengths behind and finished three lengths ahead of Alluring Silver (Kharadi).

In the 1000 meters encounter, Intense Approach (C.S. Jodha) ended three lengths in front of  Collegium (V. Jodha) and Nightfall (Merchant).

1200 meters, North Star (Kaviraj) was three lengths superior against Egalite (app)



Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed

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