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Vinesh Phogat anticipates more training methods

Other Sports   |   May 21, 2020



In a bid to further combat the spread of coronavirus, the Indian Government on Sunday announced an extension of the nationwide lockdown, which has also affected the opening of stadiums and sports complexes for athletes.

Veteran Wrestler Vinesh Phogat thinks that stadiums should be opened for athletes to train soon as they [athletes] will start getting bored at home.

However, it is still unclear, and reports haven’t been confirmed yet if the complexes are open for training or tournaments while the fate of contacts sports like wrestling hangs in the balance.

“Irrespective of everything, there should be a decision for the resumption of training at some point soon. It is hard to ascertain when the global pandemic is going to end, and we can’t because if this stop our usual way of life. And truly we have to be careful, but athletes can’t just continue to sit in a place.”

Vinesh continued saying the situation becomes tougher due to lack of training ” competitions can be put on hold till further notice, but without practice, it seems very difficult and frustrating.”

With all these at hand, Vinesh has been indoors training with her sister to use as a partner and acknowledge training isn’t the same without a mat as she is always bored without training and needs to keep herself fit just in case there is an easing of the lockdown.



Written by: Olumide Akinnifesi