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Rafael Nadal gives credit to his team for his successful career

Rafael Nadal

Tennis   |   December 9, 2020



Rafael Nadal is one of the hard working Tennis players in the world. Nadal is known to give his best and he gives his 120% everytime he turns out on the court. The Spaniard has had a glorious career and he recently won his 13th French Open title to win his 20th Grand slam.

Nadal also has a ‘never say never’ attitude and he puts in a lot of work to keep improving his game. The southpaw is an incredible professional and he gave credit to his team for his successful career. In fact, there is no doubt that Nadal’s team has played an instrumental role in his success over the years and a lot of work has been done behind the scenes.

Firstly, Nadal learned about the nitty gritties about Tennis from his uncle Toni Nadal, who guided him on the right track. Subsequently, Carlos Moya, Nadal’s current coach has got the best out of his ward. Nadal’s team has played a key role in helping him take giant strides and he gave his gratitude to the same.

Nadal said, “The only time it’s become an individual sport is actually when you’re on the court. You play with your team, you work with your team. And I think that does a lot, it extends people’s careers for two reasons. First because they know how to prepare the players and avoid injury. Secondly, being around a team helps you not get tired.” 

He added, “Well as time has gone on, things have changed a lot. Before people would only travel with their trainer. A long time ago they would travel alone.

“But nowadays each player travels with a team. At the end of the day, at least two people travel with the player and their coach is a part of this. Usually it’s about 4 or 5 people.” 

Nadal has been a champion and he has also trained like a champion. In fact, Carlos Moya recently stated that Nadal has no ego and he is an incredible professional. Nadal takes the feedback of his team in a positive manner and always works on his game to get better. It has been key to Nadal’s success as he has always looked to improve.

The 34-year old is never complacent and wants to keep getting better. Nadal will be seen in action in the upcoming Australian Open.


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