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Rafael Nadal is an impeccable professional – Coach Carlos Moya

Rafael Nadal

Tennis   |   December 4, 2020



The current World No. 2 Rafael Nadal is the one of the best Tennis players to have embraced the game. Nadal has a great fighting spirit in himself and he never throws the towel when he is on court. The Spaniard also always wants to improve his game and he gives his 120% in the practice sessions.

Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya praised his ward for his down to earth nature and lauded him for always working on his game. Moya stated that if Rafa’s ego were big, he wouldn’t even listen to his team. However, Nadal is well known for keeping the faith in his team and he trains accordingly to the insights he received.

Nadal is a perfect professional, who has always put in the hard yards in his game to reach the top echelon of the game. 

“In that sense, Rafa is an impeccable professional and trusts a lot in what we tell him within his work team. Then he will be the one to make the decisions, but it is something to value because not all players do it,” Moya said. 

“Especially since we are not up to the level of everything he has achieved during his career. We are talking about one of the best players in all of history and if Rafa’s ego were big he wouldn’t listen to us like he does every day,” said coach Moya while talking to Libertad Digital. 

Nadal always has the hunger to improve and get better and that is why he is one of the best Tennis players in the world. Meanwhile, Moya added that it was not in fashion for former players to turn towards coaching during his playing days.

The coaches have played an instrumental role in the success of their respective players and Moya has done a terrific job for Nadal. The Spaniard will be next seen in action in the Australia Open 2021, which will begin from February 8.



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