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Rafael Nadal is the LeBron James of Tennis, would compare Roger Federer with Michael Jordan – Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini

Tennis   |   January 7, 2021



Italian Tennis player Matteo Berrettini has likened the Big three – Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal with the great Basketball stars. Matteo Berrettini compared Nadal with LA Lakers legend LeBron James whereas he compared Swiss Maestro Roger Federer with former Chicago Bulls talisman Michael Jordan.

The number 10 Tennis player feels Novak Djokovic is identical to late Kobe Bryant. Federer is known for class and flamboyance and he is one of most elegant Tennis players of all time. Nadal is known for his never say never attitude and he never throws in the towel on the court. Djokovic is well known to keep his calm in the difficult situations of the game.

“Rafael Nadal is the LeBron of tennis, in terms of physicality and because they both exploded (on the scene) very young,” Berrettini said. “Roger Federer, I would compare him to Michael Jordan. Novak Djokovic reminds me of Kobe Bryant for how he remains cold (stoic) in difficult situations.” 

On the other hand, Matteo heaped praise on Roger Federer. The Italian revealed that Federer has given him the confidence and feels Berrettini has the skills to go a long way in his career.

“He is a great professional and an excellent person. He believes in me, as per him I can become one of the strongest Italians ever,” Berrettini said.

Meanwhile, Federer had made a roaring comeback from injury back in 2017 as he won seven titles. The former World No. 1 has been out of action for a long time due to his knee injury. Fed has started to train again and he is targeting Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics for his return back to professional Tennis.

“I know he (Federer) is training, I think he will be back as soon as possible. And he has shown many times that when he comes back, it is as if he had never stopped,” Berrettini stated. 

Federer has pulled out of the Australian Open whereas Berrettini will look to have a good season in 2021. The Australian Open will begin from February 8.

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